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Interior Design Services offered by our creative Interior Design team:

Perhaps you are looking for some decorating guidance, or to have a room or two redesigned, and a one or 2 hour consultation is the initial step. We are able to consult on any needs or challenges you may have, including space planning, choosing paint colours, fabric, flooring and furniture selections, window coverings and/or treatments, artwork, accessories and greenery/floral arrangements.

Space Planning
An efficient layout makes any space much more welcoming and inviting and clearly represents the scale and proportion of a single room or an entire space. The multitude of rooms and/or uses and the furnishing dedicated to each area are easily presented for client discussion and provide a better understanding of what is being presented to you for the design.

Commercial Services

  • Space planning
  • Storage systems
  • Computer stations
  • Lighting design
  • Executive offices
  • Retail design
  • Restaurant design
  • Lobby design
  • Display/signage design

planning2.jpgOur expert design staff will assist you in product selection that reflects your corporate image. Your image is important to you so clients and associates feel comfortable in an environment that is efficient yet highly productive.

To achieve the goals of a proficient design we provide the following in our Design Service:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Interior Design
  • Finish Selection
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Furniture Specification
  • Ergonomic Consultation

CAD Drafting Service
On occasion, we run into customer questions about how to use our products. In the past, we would provide a simple hand sketch to better visualize the design and its application. Now, Interior Solutions has the ability to output professional CAD drawings for our customers.


We'll work with you to gather the needed information and, in turn, provide a CAD layout within 24-48 hours - depending on the size of request. We can deliver typical or full layouts. Not sure what you need? A typical layout illustrates a general example that you can then apply to your project, whereas a full layout may depict an entire room, floor, or even building.

We're happy to provide this new level of support, and we look forward to educating our customers about our new products and services.

Let us help!  Give us a call at (905) 814-7800

Interior Solutions recognizes that the project is not complete until the installation has been finished. We are not satisfied that the sale is complete until you the client are 100% satisfied. That is why our installers are highly skilled and factory certified on all the products we provide.

In the commitment to combine full service the following are available in our Installation Services:

  • Installation and Assembly
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Panel Refurbishing
  • Furniture Reconfiguration


- Commercial Office Moving Services

As a full service commercial office moving and installation company we know exactly what it takes to guarantee a successful business relocation. Our team has been through the process hundreds of times before, helping to move hundreds of businesses right across the GTA. You could be the next company to benefit from our expertise.

There are many similarities but also many differences between a home move and a commercial move, and in order to avoid downtime that could cost your business dearly, this is a task that is best left to the professionals. Here’s what you can expect when you work with our office moving experts:

No single commercial relocation is the same. There are so many variables involved that each move must be assessed on an individual basis. For that reason we always conduct a thorough consultation (usually onsite), during which we address any concerns you have, assess exactly what needs moving and we will formulate a office moving plan that we will talk you through.

The packing process must be carried out very carefully for a commercial move, not only to protect furniture and equipment against damage, but also to ensure that the office can be set up at the new location as quickly as possible. We can assist your company with itemization and clear labeling to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Extreme care and precaution is taken when moving furniture and equipment to and from the vans and every member of our commercial moving team conducts themselves professionally throughout.

We’re not in the business of transporting everything, unloading and leaving you to get on with it; we are able to fully assemble anything that was disassembled prior to the move and can help you move everything within the interior of your new office to establish the layout that you require.

Interior Solutions has very strict hiring guidelines and every member of our commercial moving team undergoes thorough training and criminal background checks before we allow them to work for us. If you have any questions about a commercial relocation or would like to receive a free quote from our team, simply pick up the phone and dial 905-629-0778 or you can submit your request online here.


- Used Furniture Resale
We can also help you with your used furniture resale during a relocation, If your business is currently in the process of relocation, now is a great time to think about liquidating any unwanted assets, including office furniture. Here’s why:

If the office furniture in question is no longer required by your company, the alternative is likely for it to be placed in a secure storage facility, which isn’t free!

The total cost of a relocation is typically based on the size and weight of the load that needs to be moved. Used furniture resale will cut the size of the load and therefore reduce office moving costs.

If you decide to take unwanted office furniture with you to your new location, it will end up cluttering and hindering the layout of this space, potentially impacting  productivity levels.

For more information about how we can assist you with used furniture resale in the GTA, get in touch with our team at 905-629-0778


- Lease Financing Services
We provide lease financing services to established businesses, commissioned sales representatives, and newer businesses, in addition to individual applicants


Can I Qualify for Lease Financing?
Leasing is especially beneficial for established businesses (more than two years in operation), and commissioned sales representatives. We also have a program for newer businessesIndividual applicants who have been in the same line of employment for two or more years may also qualify for lease financing.

What are My Options at the End of The Lease?
At the end of the lease you may: Purchase the equipment for the Agreed Purchase option, Upgrade the equipment to new and better technology, or Return the equipment with no obligation.


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